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Cozy Winter Vibes

Wax Warmer and Wax Bears from Happy Wax: 

 This cute warmer is the perfect size to fit in any room. Simple and beautiful, this warmer (along with the wax) helps keep your house smelling fresh without taking up much space. The rotatable base works in both vertical and horizontal outlets. The flexible silicone dish allows you to quickly and cleanly remove used wax from your melter. 

 When we saw these adorable little wax bears, we were charmed! Made in North Carolina, these cute little bears fill your home with a beautiful fragrance to set the mood for me-time. With around 60hrs of melt time in the pouch, these All-natural soy wax bears are a joyful addition to any home.   

Nash+Jones Agave Washcloth: 

This natural Agave Washcloth is made from the Agave plant and is fabulous exfoliating skin. Use one side of the cloth for body exfoliation and the other softer side for sensitive areas. Bring natural luxury into your self-care routine 

 Peppermint Tea Drops: 

These cute portioned drops are perfect for a chilly winter night. Naturally caffeine free and no tea bag required! Individually wrapped so you can take them with you to work. Made with with genuine tea leaves that are delicately ground and pressed together with no additives, just tea, and a little sugar! 100% recyclable packaging makes this product an easy favorite.